4x4 Programme

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Completes your programme of fitness and weight control with selected ingredients.

It is essential to supplement your fitness and weight control programme with the top products in order to reach all your goals.

This Programme Includes:

- Zambroza (4)

The best place in the body for toxins to be stored is fat and as we start burning off your fat reserves, all the toxins may get into circulation and increase the amount of injurious free radicals. Zambroza is a ‘stockhouse of antioxidants’ developed to provide a number of nutrients with antioxidant features which counterbalance free radicals and help to protect from their negative effect. During testing, caffeine and catechins mixtures of Green Tea, reassuring results have been delivered supplement for weight loss and no negative effects were found out. The extract of Green Tea is the main component in Zamboza.

- Super Omega-3’s (2)

The Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) discovered in Omega 3 Fish Oils assist precipitating burning of fat. Only the excess of fresh EFA of high quality may cause such effect in your body and our programme provides enough to go on for a month.

Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals (1)

Despite the advantages of physical training for your health, sometimes the possible strain on the body costs in nutrients. Super Supplemental purpose is to replace such nutrients and to top up all the vitamins and minerals you are to have from a healthy diet. Such multi-vitamins & minerals as Zinc and B vitamins that are necessary in insulin production and Chromium are contained in the potent. Vitamins B, C and the mineral Magnesium help your body to turn glucose into energy not fat what makes these elements so important.

Stock Code: 9822.

(Two Month Supply).

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