Cleaner for all purposes with high concentration for economy.

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You will not believe: there are household chemicals without causing any harm to your health and the slightest damage to the environment. Innovation from Nature's Sunshine Products - Universal Concentrate NSP, provides the perfect purity of the apartment, in the country, and wherever you choose to apply it. Sterile cleanliness is ensured not toxic chemicals and harmless alkoxylates. You no longer have to use rubber gloves, ventilate the room from the poisonous fumes, waste water gekalitry on rinsing dishes from the cleaning fluid and diligently "means to protect children and pets".

Cleaning and washing concentrate NSP so harmless to health that it can be used even to wash fruit before eating, clean the aquarium without fear of ruin delicate fish and plants, and even take a bath! Even people with sensitive skin need not worry - Concentrate has a more gentle effect on the skin than even baby soap. It is important to note that the unobtrusive pleasant aroma concentrate does not pollute the air and disappears within 5 minutes. With regard to the use of the spectrum - Concentrate NSP washes, cleans absolutely everything, in your opinion, needs cleaning, erases all fabrics and prints any stains.

Company Nature's Sunshine Products has never stopped halfway - unique formula does not just work at a high level, but do not harm health.