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Urinary tract supplements

Nature's Sunshine is a mixture of cranberry juice concentrate and buchu herb concentrate.

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Helps to control and support your bladder and urinary system in a healthy condition with the help of nutrients.

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This product is not only a tasty ‘minty drink’, but the same time Chlorophyll is a special natural cleanser, that eliminates body odour and makes your breath minty fresh.

Amount per package: 475.6 mg. Country of origin: USA. Product ...

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Urinary system performs important functions and the main of them is the excretion of toxic products of its activities, and other harmful substances and excess water. Another function of the kidney is the regulation of blood pressure. Urinary system is very vulnerable - Statistics inflammation and dysfunction of the kidneys and bladder occupy a leading position. They often occur in the acute form, the patient loses the ability to work both professionally and in his everyday terms. Men’s urinary system is closely associated with potency and reproductive function, which makes its health in this case even more significant.

Medicine has years of experience of successful treatment of diseases of the urinary system. It shows that the highest activity in this area have medicinal herbs.

The Natures Sunshine company has developed a set of natural Natures Sunshine complexes which components provide a pronounced anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, heal effect on all organs of the urinary system. In addition, Natures Sunshine Supplements contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain the balance of acid-alkaline environment, which prevents the formation of stones. Taking dietary supplements for the prevention of IPV, you will save your kidney healthy for a long time.

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