NSP in Estonia

NSP in Estonia

In the 21st century, humanity at the moment had an understanding of the importance of health. Treatment, prevention must be effective, hence quality, therefore we offer NSP dietary supplements in Estonia. Products will prevent many diseases. The use of dietary supplements guarantees the absence of diseases, prevents problems. Quickly get the product you need, online consultation, take a diagnostic test, get a wellness program. The company chooses natural raw materials, natural purity is the basis of the company's production.

History of the company

NSP was founded in America in 1972. Thanks to constant development, the company uses new technologies, updated methods and better quality eco-raw materials. The product came to Estonia in 2012, conquering Estonians with a wide range of high-quality eco-products. The manufactured products fully comply with the requirements of GMP Standards. The product guarantees quality thanks to FDA certifications. Well-being, a healthy lifestyle are important aspects of an attractive appearance and excellent health.

Delivery and payment terms

NSP goods are delivered by couriers right to the door of your home or office.

There are two offices in Europe for delivery and pickup. Offices are located in England, Poland. From there, the company makes delivery.

Due to the fact that there are two offices in Europe, delivery times differ: from Poland - 3-4 working days, from England up to 10.

The location and amount of the order do not matter, delivery is made to each country, the primary task is to take care of the health of customers, therefore, a bonus system, discount cards, is also in effect.

Payment is made using: cards or bank transfer. After placing the order and processing it by the manager, the necessary information is sent to the client by e-mail.


Thanks to our successful reputation, we are in demand in most developed countries. The order of drugs in Estonia is carried out through the website. If the order amount is sufficient, then you will receive a personal discount number with participation in the bonus program. You can contact us by contacts in the "Contacts" section and learn more about getting a discount in the "Discount" section.