Our purpose and products

At Nature's Sunshine, we are in the business of transforming lives

We believe that good health and well-being can change lives. We work every day to make this a reality for everyone through our products, our people and our business opportunities.

In today's world of over-hyped formulations, questionable GOSTs and temporary brands, Nature's Sunshine is a proven choice for people looking for reliable sources for good health.

Our long work is proof of our stability and sound business management. Our wide range of products testifies to our commitment to innovation and the relevance of technology. And our rigorous testing, rigorous quality control and in-house manufacturing have created the highest standards in the entire industry.

Proven quality, experience and results are why we are trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals and clients around the world.

While transformation is a bold statement, we still create with confidence her. Nature's Sunshine brings health and wellness to millions of customers every day. And when people get healthier, life really changes.

Nature's Sunshine Goal - Global Reach

Over the past forty-five years, we have grown to be a global force for good health in 26 markets worldwide.

Recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide

Our premium products do more than improve people's health - they transform their lives. Sourced, manufactured and tested to the strictest quality standards, our unique product portfolio provides over 500 personalized solutions to improve your health.

From targeted health improvement to daily care and weight management programs, our natural and effective products are the best raw materials our planet has to offer. Created by nature, but rooted in science, our amazing products deliver great results - time and time again.