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This product is not only a tasty ‘minty drink’, but the same time Chlorophyll is a special natural cleanser, that eliminates body odour and makes your breath minty fresh.

Amount per package: 475.6 mg. Country of origin: USA. Product code: 1580.

NSP products have long been known in Europe, America and the CIS countries. The company puts all the best of nature in convenient capsules or solutions, so that a person can consume the substances in parallel with food. One of the leading NSP products is Liquid Chlorophyll.

This is a solution created for a complex action on different organs and systems. Protection, strengthening, stimulation and antibacterial effect are the fundamental properties of the herbal medicine.

What is Liquid Chlorophyll NSP

Liquid chlorophyll is a concentrated solution developed by NSP and aimed at improving overall health, tone, and immunity.

Chlorophyll is a natural pigment. It is found in all plants, making them green. Thanks to chlorophyll, plants can convert sunlight into energy, releasing oxygen. This process is known to everyone as photosynthesis. Without it, life on Earth cannot exist.

Chlorophyll is very similar in composition to blood hemoglobin. It differs only in the central element in the molecule: in the blood it is iron, in chlorophyll-magnesium. Therefore, the pigment is called “plant blood”.

The fundamental properties of the substance were discovered at the beginning of the XIX century and since then it has been actively used in Europe as a natural assistant. It helps many organs and systems, strengthens and protects them.

Properties of Chlorophyll NSP

Liquid Chlorophyll has a wide spectrum of action:

  • The cardiovascular system. Promotes the synthesis of red blood cells and increases hemoglobin. Reduces and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Skin. It is a strong detoxifier, removes excess substances and helps to remove rashes. Helps the tissues to recover faster.
  • Immunity. Increases natural protection.
  • The oral cavity. Eliminates the manifestations of mild caries, stops its development, suppresses pathogenic flora. Chlorophyll makes the breath fresh, keeps this effect for a long time.
  • GASTROINTESTINAL tract. It normalizes digestion, microflora, and relieves inflammation.

Also, chlorophyll has a strong antibacterial effect. It can be used for various infections: fungal, parasitic, bacterial and viral. It suppresses their growth and reproduction.

Another important property is shown in the antioxidant effect. The pigment blocks free radicals and protects cells from destruction.

Because of its properties, nutraceutical NSP is included in the schemes for the correction of various pathological conditions. It can also be used for prevention.

Application instruction

In Europe, it is recommended to use Liquid chlorophyll with food. A single dose is 5 ml (one teaspoon). Take 2-3 times a day, depending on the instructions of a specialist. A spoonful of chlorophyll should be dissolved in a glass of water.

Indications for use

Liquid Chlorophyll is indicated for use in these conditions:

  • anemia. Promotes the synthesis of red blood cells and increases hemoglobin;
  • hypertension. Normalizes blood pressure;
  • acne. It is a detox;
  • restoration of the skin;
  • help in recovery after surgery;
  • prevention and support of the body during SARS;
  • poisoning by toxins and radiation;
  • gastrointestinal dysbiosis to suppress pathogens;
  • diseases of the ENT organs – bronchitis, tonsillitis and others;
  • reduced immunity and constant fatigue.

In Europe, nutraceuticals have long been part of complex therapy along with modern medicines.

Composition Liquid Chlorophyll NSP

For manufacturing dietary supplements, alfalfa is used. This plant is rich in chlorophyll. The juice is squeezed out of the alfalfa leaves, then dried and prepared in two forms-capsules or a solution. The solution is faster and more effective in its action, as it is absorbed better.

The volume of the bottle with the chlorophyll solution is 473 ml. Each teaspoon (5 ml) contains 15 mg of chlorophyllins from proprietary sources. This is equivalent to 300 mg of chlorophyllins per 100 g of NSP herbal medicine.

The composition includes purified water and mint to give a pleasant taste and fresh breath. Glycerin from vegetables acts as a natural preservative.


Liquid Chlorophyll has no acute contraindications other than individual intolerance. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from hypotension and allergies, be sure to consult a specialist before taking dietary supplements.


Dietary supplements are sensitive to bright light and temperature changes. It is recommended not to exceed the storage temperature – 25 degrees. Keep away from children, sunlight and animals.

The herbal medicine NSP is not a medicinal product. Before the appointment, you need to consult a specialist. For the harm caused to health because of an amateur reception and violation of the instructions, the administration of the resource is not responsible.

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Victoria04.10.2021 14:51

How I can get product from NSP

24NSP04.10.2021 17:29


Place your order through the website and get home delivery.

Clayton12.02.2021 14:25

Hello! Can you please tell me if chlorophyll thickens the blood? A woman who had undergone valve replacement surgery several years ago had a severe blood clotting. What can you take?

24NSP12.02.2021 14:27

Chlorophyll normalizes blood condition. To liquefy it, you need to take:
Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley
Аnd be sure to follow the water regime.
Best regards, 24NSP team.