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Tei Fu Massage Lotion

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Tei Fu Essential Oils provides its best qualities in a form of a creamy lotion.


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Tei Fu Massage Lotion (Structural) gives you all advantages of Tei Fu essence, but in the creamy form of lotion. It is specially developed for wide skin application. The formula of tingling skin gets deeply to promote relaxation. It also makes skin smooth and elastic.


  • It is recommended only for external application;
  • Avoid eyes and nose contact;
  • 118ml a bottle.

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Tei Fu Massage Lotion Reviews (4)

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# 2021-02-24
Hello. Can you please tell me if this cream can heal a wound on the face of an 18-year-old boy? The injury occurred while playing football.
Thank you in advance!
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# 2021-02-24
Do not use Tei Fu Lotion on an open wound. It can be used for injuries such as contusions, bruises, sprains, etc.
Silver Shield Gel can be applied to a wound.
Best regards, 24NSP team.
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# 2021-02-13
At the end of November 2019, my mother fell and bruised her left side, a severe hematoma appeared, the place of the bruise turned blue. We looked at the intensive care unit, no fractures, prescribed a bunch of medications, antibiotics; the traumatologist scared my mother that if nothing is done, sepsis may begin ... :-(
Mom didn't buy anything from pharmaceuticals. Several times a day I applied Tei Fu to the injury site, drank recomendations nsp. In a month, practically nothing was left of the hematoma!
So Tei Foo REALLY works !!!
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# 2021-02-13
Thank you for taking the time to review Tei-Fu Massage Lotion on our website!
We wish mom, you and all your loved ones good health, good results and pleasure from using NSP products.
Best regards, 24NSP team.
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