Citrus Bioflavonoids (90 tablets / tablet weight 1300 mg)

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The immune system as well as tissue development may be influenced by vitamin C which is a nice antioxidant, and has many functions to perform.

It is involved in iron absorption and in the synthesis of ferments, hormones and proteins. Adrenal glands require considerable quantities of this nutrient. Soluble in water, they are easily washed off from a body and requires replacement permanently. Without vitamin C, the organism cannot develop collagen, the substance which contains organism cells together. It better works with visiting bioflavonoids. Timed-release possessions proposes such advantage as more consecutive and an effective utilisation of vitamins in an organism. It does not contain starch, sugar, artificial flavors and dyes. Nature’s Sunshine proposes various vitamin additives with vitamin C.


  • To accept on 1-2 pills during meal two times a day;
  • 90 pills in a bottle.

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Wilhelmine12.02.2021 06:32

Why can't vitamin C be split in half and given to children in powder form ???

24NSP12.02.2021 06:32

Vitamin C NSP - long-acting. The tablet is made in "layers", which allows it to gradually dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract and act within 12 hours, which increases the efficiency of use.
Best regards, 24NSP team.