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A healthy urinary tract, hair, skin, nails, healthy and clean intestines, light and rested legs and much, much more!

You live your life in high gear. You work, run a business, but also raise children and take care of the house. You have a lot on your plate, often more than men. Your body's needs are completely different, and you want to stay healthy, young and smiling.

Everything is in your hands! The Woman set will help you stay healthy longer!

Stay healthy longer

Red grape skins hidden in Zambroza provide robust protection from free radicals. Free radicals are believed to be the main cause of ageing in the body. Thanks to the sea-buckthorn in it, Zambroza strengthens the heart and improves immunity.

Zinc is a mineral needed to keep hair, skin and nails both beautiful and healthy. Our Zinc ALT also includes algae and thyme, which reduce fat absorption of fats, helping you keep a slim figure.

Asiatic pennywort, also known as Gotu Kola, will help you rid yourself of the feeling of heavy legs by supporting correct blood circulation and also aid digestive comfort. Its influence on microcirculation can also be observed as increased cognitive efficiency (including, among others, memory, concentration, communication skills).

Fibre is essential for gut flora health. Loclo is an excellent source of fibre, but also of cinnamon stimulating digestion and rosemary helping with the digestion of fats.

The magnolia berry it contains helps maintain proper physiological functions. Meanwhile, Super Complex delivers 24 essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet. It will help keep your body in good shape.

Lucerne has been known for its properties for over 2,000 years. It helps women maintain good sexual health.

Red Clover helps in dealing with symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, sweating and anxiety, and is also excellent for the circulatory system.

Chestnut seed extract contained in Vari-Gone supports the health of the circulatory system, supports healthy veins and capillaries and helps maintain healthy circulation in the legs.

Included in the set

  • Zinc ALT
  • 2 x Red Clover
  • Gotu Kola
  • Loclo
  • 2 x Lucerne
  • Vari-Gone
  • Super Complex
  • Zambroza

Recommended use

Use all the products included in the set in accordance with the instructions on the labels.

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