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In Asia always used as a natural food for brain.

Pack quantity: 100 capsules. Country of origin: USA. Product code: 360.

Traditionally Gotu Kola (Nervous) is popular in Asia as a brain food. It provides nutrients that support our body’s vitality and controls health of nervous system, containing vitamins A, B, E and K, and magnesium. If to take over time plus gotu kola may aid to control and support a healthy glandular system, which may favour the increase of durability. One capsule has 395mg gotu kola in its formula.


  • Take 2 pills during a meal twice a day;
  • 100 capsules per bottle.

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Jenna12.02.2021 06:34

Good afternoon! Please tell me what is the dosage of the drug for children from 7 to 10 years old?

24NSP12.02.2021 06:35

Prophylactic dosage of Gotu Kola for a child of 7 and 10 years old - 1 caps 2 times a day. The dosage in the presence of a problem in the body is selected individually, based on the problem and the state of the child's body at the time of admission.
Best regards, 24NSP team.