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The product supplements the diet with Bacillus coagulans bacteria (MTCC5856), thus enriching the intestinal bacterial flora.

Pack of 90 capsules. Country of manufacture: USA. Product code: 6109.

The human intestinal microflora is very diverse. It has long been no secret that the body is inhabited by millions of microorganisms - useful and not very. To maintain a beneficial microflora, probiotics and prebiotics are created, and some supplements contain both at the same time.

What is Bacillus Coagulans NSP

Under normal conditions, the gut is home to 85% beneficial microorganisms and only 15% pathogenic microorganisms. Under the influence of certain factors, the microflora is disturbed, the balance is tipped towards the "bad" bacteria.

They actively multiply, causing diseases of the GI tract, stomach disorders, diseases of the liver, pancreas and other important organs. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora with the help of beneficial bacteria - probiotics and the environment for their reproduction - prebiotics.

For this purpose, Bacillus Coagulans NSP capsules containing an effective strain of beneficial bacilli and the prebiotic inulin have been developed.


Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856 is one of the most famous strains recognized worldwide. What sets it apart from other probiotics is its unique property of being very resistant to temperature changes.

Studies show that MTCC 5856 survives even when baking and heat treating foods. Once in the stomach, the bacterium is not destroyed by bile and gastric juice. It is also antibiotic resistant, so it survives concurrent use of antibiotics.

Bacillus Coagulans is a separate species of bacillus bacteria and is often confused with Lactobacillus due to the fact that it produces lactic acid, which is essential for GI health. In addition to lactic acid, these bacilli synthesize vitamin K and B vitamins.

In large quantities, Bacillus Coagulans easily inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora, including Helicobacter pylori (the cause of ulcers and gastritis) and stimulates the repopulation of the gut with a beneficial microbiome.

The detoxification property is due to the presence of inulin in the composition. It is a natural prebiotic - a breeding ground for bifido- and lactobacilli. Once in the stomach, inulin is practically not digested by gastric juice and is not absorbed in the GI tract. It is broken down by bifidobacteria during fermentation.

Inulin allows beneficial microflora to multiply, and it suppresses the growth of pathogens - Klebsiella, salmonella, etc. Remains of inulin, which did not process the bacteria, collect toxins, toxins, toxins, cholesterol and naturally leave the body.

Immunity support is provided by the simultaneous action of bacteria and inulin. Useful microflora produces vitamins that are necessary for the immune system. By cleansing the body of toxins, inulin helps to strengthen the body's resistance.

Instructions for use

The supplement is used three times a day with food. You can wash down with enough water or stirred into food. A course of 90 capsules is designed for a month of use.

Possible emergency reception during the use of antibiotics, undergoing courses of therapy that weakens the immune system.

Indications for use

Bacillus Coagulans capsules are recommended for such conditions:

  • gastric disorders associated with disruption of microflora;
  • GI infections;
  • taking antibiotics as a drug to normalize microflora;
  • reduced immunity, including the season of colds and acute respiratory viral infections;
  • regular constipation;
  • diets and food systems that include detoxification;
  • accumulation of toxins;
  • elevated sugar and cholesterol levels;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • skin rashes.

Composition of the dietary supplement

The composition of the supplement based on the daily dose (3 capsules) includes:

  • live bacteria Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856 in an amount of 3 billion CFU. CFU stands for Colony Forming Unit. The measurement says: if each of the 3 billion cells is transplanted to fresh nutrient medium, it will multiply and form a new colony. In other words, all bacteria are alive, active and hardy;
  • inulin. The natural plant polysaccharide in the supplement acts as a prebiotic. Bacillus Coagulans capsules contain 810 mg of this substance.

A full jar consists of 90 capsules.


With individual intolerance to the components, it is not recommended to use the supplement. Be sure to consult a specialist if you are already taking any probiotics and prebiotics. It is not recommended to take during lactation and pregnancy.


Recommended conditions of purchase and storage of dietary supplements:

  • Buy Bacillus Coagulanscapsules only from a certified store;
  • store at a temperature of 25 degrees, in the absence of moisture;
  • avoid sunlight on the jar with capsules.

Bacillus Coagulans buy at a reasonable price can be purchased from an independent distributor of NSP.

The dietary supplement is not a medicinal product. The use of the supplement is agreed with a specialist after consultation. The administration of the site is not responsible for the harm caused to health, as a result of self-medication.

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