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We now present you with a set that will strengthen your immunity in all respects.

When we were composing the Pro Immune set, we considered that the immune system's condition depends not only on weather conditions, but on what is happening in our bodies, first and foremost.

Immunity deserves more attention

When we think about improving immunity, Vitamin C is the first thing that springs to mind. Each tablet has as much as 1000 mg of L-ascorbic acid.

The Olive Leaf, its extract to be exact, supports immunity even in the most difficult conditions and reinforces the upper respiratory tract.

Vitamin D3 has a beneficial effect on the immune system, but is also essential for bones and muscles.

No one needs to be told how much garlic improves immunity. However, Garlic is much more than that! It helps keep the liver healthy and ensures normal cholesterol levels.

Zinc ALT is the perfect combination of lucerne, thyme leaves, algae and zinc. Thyme leaves, which have an antibacterial effect and contribute to the body's natural defences, are the key to immunity. Zinc is an active part of many enzymes responsible for the optimum immune system functions.

Pro B11 in the Pro Immune kit is like hitting a bull's eye. The product enriches your bacterial flora with as many as 11 different bacterial strains. Digestive health is crucial for maintaining appropriate immunity.

The Immune formula is a unique mix of mushrooms known from Chinese medicine (cordyceps, maitake, reishi), combined with beta-glucan, arabinogalactan and colostrum.

Defense Maintenance is a product formulated with immunity in mind. A combination of vitamins C, A, E with turmeric, selenium and zinc is the perfect mixture supporting the immune system.

Included in the set

  • Zinc ALT
  • Garlic
  • Defense Maintenance
  • Immune Formula
  • 2 x Olive Leaf – Extract
  • Pro B11
  • Vitamin C bioflavonoids
  • Vitamin D3

Recommended use

Use all the products included in the set in accordance with the instructions on the labels.

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