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Helps to improve the work and condition of the cardiovascular system, as well as provides general health promotion.

Pack of 100 capsules. Country of manufacture: USA. Product Code: 30.

What is NSP Alfalfa

Alfalfa NSP is a natural nutraceutical from the American company Nature's Sunshine Products. The supplements of this brand are manufactured in accordance with the European quality system (GMP) and have a positive effect on the state of the body.

Composition of dietary supplements Alfalfa NSP

The composition of the biologically active supplement includes Medicago sativa (Alfalfa or alfalfa). As an auxiliary component Alfalfa NSP capsules contain gelatin.

One capsule of the dietary supplement contains:

440 mg of Medicago sativa in a gelatin shell. The package contains a total of 100 capsules, designed for a 16-day course.

Properties of Alfalfa NSP

Even in ancient times it was known about the healing properties of alfalfa. It was successfully used in Greece, India, North America and the Caucasus. Alfalfa was brought to Greece from Midia (the country of the ancient Aryans), since then it has taken root in European countries. Today, many regions use alfalfa (Europe, America, CIS) as an additional source of nutrients. The plant is rich in such substances:

  • B vitamins. They take part in the energy metabolism of the body, promote hematopoiesis, have a positive effect on reproductive function;
  • vitamin D. Strengthens the musculoskeletal system, is important for the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus;
  • vitamin E. Plays a role in reproductive health;
  • vitamin C. Important for dental health and for maintaining immune defense;
  • vitamin K. Prevents salt buildup in the arteries;
  • vitamin A. Important for vision;
  • chlorophyll. A natural pigment that colors all plants green. Its formula is almost identical to that of hemoglobin, only instead of iron, the pigment contains magnesium. Chlorophyll saturates the blood with oxygen, promotes the elimination of toxins.
  • flavonoids. Reduce capillary fragility, slow down blood clotting, thus reducing the tendency to form dangerous blood clots;
  • trace elements and minerals: calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, iron, copper. Act as participants in all important biochemical processes of the body;
  • enzymes that actively break down proteins, increase their digestibility;
  • tannins. Special compounds that prevent inflammatory processes and reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

The positive effect of Alfalfa NSP dietary supplements consists in such effects:

  • normalization of heart and vascular function;
  • reduction of cholesterol levels and prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases;
  • relief of patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • early healing;
  • good absorption of proteins[1] from food;
  • strengthening of the immune system.

The Arabs considered alfalfa "the father of all useful potions". Due to its rich composition and wide action, recognized the fruits of Alfalfa Europe and other countries.

Indications for use

Alfalfa seed has an effect on almost all organs and systems, so it is used in different areas:

  1. Strengthening of the heart and blood vessels. Alfalfa NSP increases the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots, relieves symptoms of ischemia and tachycardia, acts as a preventive measure of atherosclerosis. Unlike synthetic drugs with side effects, reduces cholesterol, due to the natural composition and mild action on the body.
  2. Immunity and wound healing. Alfalfa NSP increases immune response, so it is useful in the fall and winter period, as a preventive measure against colds. Recommended for diseases of the nasopharynx, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. It is an aid for accelerated healing of wounds, ulcers and erosions, and also has a bactericidal[2] (disinfectant) effect.
  3. Diseases of the pelvic organs. The practice of using Alfalfa (Europe and Asia) shows the effectiveness of the plant in the complex treatment of cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis. Used in menopausal syndrome after consultation with a doctor.
  4. Blood diseases. For the circulatory system Alfalfa NSP is a prevention of anemia.
  5. Neoplasms. Some experimental data show that the use of alfalfa has an effect in estrogen-dependent tumors.[3]
  6. Periodontal disease and periodontal disease. It is used in oral diseases[4] and also as their prevention. Strengthens the blood vessels in the gums, prevents profuse discharge of blood when brushing teeth.
  7. Diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system.

Alfalfa BAA (Europe or American production) is certified and meets the high standards of quality product.

Instructions for use

Alfalfa NSP with food is digested better, so use it with meals 2 capsules 3 times a day.


Alfalfa NSP is contraindicated if there is an individual intolerance to the components. Also, you can not use a dietary supplement for pregnant women, people with autoimmune diseases.

Alfalfa is able to increase lactation, but the manufacturer indicates breastfeeding as one of the contraindications to taking it. A breastfeeding woman needs a doctor's consultation before using the dietary supplement.


The storage temperature of Alfalfa NSP dietary supplement is 25˚C. Keep in a dark and out of reach of children. If the package was damaged before the first use, you can not use nutraceuticals.

Before taking a course of dietary supplements Lucerne NSP is recommended to consult a doctor.

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Flynn24.02.2021 17:29

Good afternoon!!! How long can alfalfa be taken for diabetes? Thanks

24NSP24.02.2021 17:30

Alfalfa (Lucerne), with the indicated diagnosis, can be taken on an ongoing basis.
Best regards, 24NSP team.

Tanner17.02.2021 15:29

Hello, can you tell me you can take chlorophyll with alfalfa?

24NSP17.02.2021 15:29

Yes, Chlorophyll Liquid can be taken with alfalfa.
Best regards, 24NSP team!