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Magnesium has a significant importance in energy production for the cells.

Pack quantity: 90 capsules. Country of origin: USA. Product code: 4061.


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When the body has deficiency of energy fuel it breaks down muscular fiber for energy creation. Such process may cause fatigue and many other issues. Specialists have found out that many people with such type discomfort to react to the additives, containing Malic acids and Magnesium, components.

Magnesium. Malic acid is natural acid found in concentrated state in apples and many other fruits and vegetables. It contains magnesium which is so much important for producing energy for our cells and helps to absorb some different vitamins and minerals. A capsule provides 80mg of Magnesium and 350mg of Malic Acid in a state which is fast and simply absorbed in an organism.


  • Use 1 capsule during your meal three times a day;
  • 90 capsules in a bottle.

Nature’s Sunshine advices you to consider adding Nature’s Sunshine’s St. John’s Wort to your regimen.

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Magnesium Reviews (4)

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# 2021-02-25
The magnesium complex very quickly relieved the spasms of the calf. However, I want to ask: is it possible to increase acidity when taking this dietary supplement ?!
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# 2021-02-25
In over 20 years of experience with NSP products, we have not observed an increase in acidity with magnesium chelate. Acidity can increase due to the presence of disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a small amount of clean water drunk per day, or other characteristics of the body.
Best regards, 24NSP team.
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# 2021-02-16
The package indicates 737 mg, and the pure composition of magnesium in the anatation is 100 mg. Then the rest 637mg, what is the composition of dietary supplements !!!! ????
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# 2021-02-16
Each capsule of Magnesium Chelate nutritional supplement contains 100 mg of pure magnesium, which is chelated with organic acids, malic and citric acids, which ensures maximum absorption of this macronutrient.
That is, from 1 capsule, your body receives 100 mg of pure MAGNESIUM, but this does not mean that the capsule should weigh 100 mg. After all, magnesium is in a chelated state, which provides it with a combination with organic acids, and they have their own weight.
In addition, the shell of a gelatin capsule itself weighs 100 mg, and there is a small% of excipients: cellulose and silicon dioxide.
Best regards, 24NSP team.
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