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Key System Product, Mega-Chel consists of a numerous range of nutritious elements that help to control and support a healthy circulatory system. Does not contain artificial preservatives, starches and sugars. Yeast free tablets have natural nutritious elements in order to increase assimilation.

Mega-Chel maintains a body on 20 basic vitamins and minerals, and also provides nutritious elements, that are easy to assimilate for our body. It is specially developed for cardiovascular system and glandular system, and will neutralise free radicals.

Every tablet yeast free and also contains natural forms of nutritious elements for the assimilation increase.

Cardiovascular diseases is the group of conditions such as stroke and illnesses of heart which kills one of three persons in Great Britain. Though some factors cannot be different, we may change our way of life.

Cardiovascular diseases is a great problem in Great Britain and millions us are at risk of its development during next 10 years. But good news is that much you should do to the heart in order to stay healthy.

There are many factors of way of life which can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases:

  • Smoking is the reason for one of three heart attacks and may raise the risk of development of heart disease by more than 80%.
  • A Diet - the diet with the high maintenance amount of fats and salts and the low amount of fruits and vegetables raises the risk of development of heart diseases.
  • Exercise - only every third person and every fourth women in Great Britain actually do the exercises the are necessary in every week.
  • Cholesterol - Two of three persons in Great Britain have raised cholesterol levels that gives them more risk of heart disease.

Mega-Chel is an essential product for cardiovascular system and provides a large set of nutrients.

Two tablets contain the following number of elements:

  • vitamin A (palmitate, beta catotene) 13,332IU;
  • vitamin C 1,332mg;
  • vitamin D3, 216IU;
  • vitamin E 133IU;
  • thiamin 66mg;
  • riboflavin 16mg;
  • niacin 33mg;
  • vitamin B6 50mg;
  • folic acid 133mcg;
  • vitamin B12 83mcg;
  • biotin 33mcg;
  • pantothenic acid 166mg;
  • calcium 133mg;
  • iron 3.2mg;
  • phosphorus 96mg;
  • iodine 42mcg;
  • magnesium 133mg;
  • zinc 10mg;
  • selenium 84mcg;
  • copper 84mcg;
  • manganese 1.6mg;
  • chromium 66mcg;
  • potssium 133mg.

Also the formula provides: l-cysteine HCl, p-aminobenzoic acid, l-methionine, citrus bioflavonoids, rutin, inositol, ginkgo biloba leaves and hawthorn berries.

One pill is yeast free and also provides natural forms of nutritious elements for the assimilation increase.

This product has vitamin A in its formula. Do not take if pregnant or if you may become pregnant, except an exception on a doctor's advice or antenatal clinics.


  • Take 1 tablet during your meal two times a day - follow the recommendations, specified on a label;
  • 120 tablets in a bottle.

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