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Garlic, High-Potency (Immune). The major problem concerning bringing garlic into the diet was its odour that it gives to your breath.

Pack quantity: 100 capsules. Country of origin: USA. Product code: 290.

The 'odourless' garlic is the most well-sold garlic in the whole Europe, and just one question is left, if it retains the qualities of the fresh garlic? Researchers have found that it doesn’t. Nature’s Sunshine proposes you the healthiest and the most potent garlic that you can ever find through the market with a special coating that aids to get out of the odour. When you open the product and break the coat, you will see that these pills have garlic odour which is very strong unlike ‘odourless’ garlic items. Top-secret manufacturing and preparation of every pill give Nature’s Sunshine’s High-Potency Garlic locked in a freshness coating. It has chlorophyll in its formula, which manages odour while assuring a long, effective shelf-life. As the pill has this special coating that breaks only after it comes up the small intestine, we get the full nutritious properties of garlic with no odour or unpleasant taste. Comparing allicin potential (TAP) with many other top brand products we see that Nature’s Sunshine tops this industry. Nature’s Sunshine’s High-Potency Garlic is better than all others because of its great potency and quality. Each 400mg pill provides 1,200mg of fresh garlic, roughly equal to one clove.


  • Take 1 pill during your meal one or two times a day;
  • 60 pills per bottle.

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Jaliyah25.02.2021 15:11

Hello! My son, 23 years old, has been diagnosed with yeast in the intestines, in the mouth and around the anus. He received nystatin, then fluconazole, but his blood counts did not improve. Tell me if you can be cured with NSP products and with what medications. Thank you!

24NSP25.02.2021 15:13

To get the result with the diagnosis you specified, you must draw up an NSP intake program. The most common NSP's to take are: Caprylic Acid, Colloidal Silver, Aloe Juice, Garlic, Chlorophyll, Bifidophilus Flora Force. In this case, you need to take at least 4 complexes of NSP. Dosages and timing of admission depend on the state of the body at the time of admission and the duration of the problem.
If you need help writing a program, write to the mail. mail is listed at the top of the site.
Best regards, 24NSP team.

Declan14.02.2021 14:36

The instructions write 2 tablets per day, and 1pc is written on the package. per day for adults. What does it look like? Is an overdose of this drug possible?

24NSP14.02.2021 14:38

The prophylactic dosage of products from the manufacturer is indicated on the website. The packaging contains information in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the product is sold.
Some programs, such as the Antiparasitic Program for Adults, require you to take Garlic NSP 6 tablets a day.
NSP products do not belong to pharmacological, they are herbal complexes, herbal extracts, extracts. Over the years of using the product, more than 20 years in the markets of EU, Russia, etc. there have been no cases of overdose!
But to answer your question about an overdose, you need to clarify: is an overdose of garlic possible? Surely, if you eat a couple of kilograms, then even a healthy person will feel bad.
Best regards, 24NSP team.