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Controls and supports a healthy thyroid gland.

Pack quantity: 100 capsules. Country of origin: USA. Product code: 410.

Kelp & Hops Combination (100) provides kelp plant, Irish moss plant, parsley herbage, hops flowers and capsicum fruit. Kelp is a necessary nutrient for thyroid function as it is a fine source of the iodine. Parsley is a nice source of minerals and several vitamins.


  • Use 2 capsules during your meal two times a day;
  • 100 capsules in a bottle.

Do not use if pregnant.

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Kayla13.02.2021 14:45

Hello, I have hypothyroidism, I am taking eutirox 37.5 mg. And cholesterol is 5.8. Can I take Kelp and how much? Thanks.

24NSP13.02.2021 14:46

Kelp can be taken concurrently with eutirox, only their reception must be prolonged. The dosage of kelp should be coordinated with your doctor or an NSP specialist can help you choose the right regimen.
Best regards, 24NSP team.