Super Complex NSP Vits & Mins (120 tablets)

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Fulfills any diet.

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Vitamins and minerals are necessary nutrients; your organism requires to function properly. They represent itself as building blocks of health and to put in the bases for everything, that there is in our body, therefore a consumption of enough of vitamins and minerals, has paramount value.

Super Supplementals formula has in its formula full range of necessary nutritious elements that provides 100% of recommended daily requirement of the majority of vitamins and a full set of the minerals necessary for health.

It supplies an organism with microcells from superproducts and contains the important antioxidants lutein, lycopene and carotenoids which support tissues on all organism.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary nutrients, your organism requires working properly, and the organism requires in regular daily delivery of vitamins and minerals for maintenance of healthy condition.

Vitamins and minerals usually enter into our organism through food which we eat, but modern agriculture, pesticides and fertilizers are used for acceleration of process of growth has deprived the soil with necessary nutrients, and has in its turn led to an exhaustion of nutritional value of our crops.

There are two types of vitamins your organism demands to survive, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins are basically in fat products, such as fats of an animal origin (including butter and lard), vegetable oil, dairy products, liver, oily fish.

The organism can be a storage of fat-soluble vitamins in liver and a fatty tissues for use in the future. Fat-soluble vitamins contain vitamins A, D, E and K.

Water-soluble vitamins don't remain in an organism so your organism requires in regular daily provision.

Water-soluble vitamins contain in fruit, vegetables and grain crops, but they may be destroyed under the influence of heat, under the influence of air and cooking. Thus, at preparation of our vegetables we lose many necessary vitamins with food. Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin B6, B12 and vitamin C, and also plus biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and thiamin.

Minerals for strong bones and teeth are necessary for us, for the control of liquids inside and outside of the cells and to transform food which we eat into energy. The basic minerals contain calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur.

The best way to fulfill your diet is Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals.

The balanced nutritious elements are often in shortage in our bodies during the moments of physical stress or recovery, or a diet consisting basically from the processed products.

Composition of Super Supplemental Super Complex NSP:

  • vitamin A (beta-carotene) 1,000μg;
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 125mg;
  • vitamin D 2.7μg;
  • vitamin E 18mg;
  • vitamin Bl (thiamine) 6mg;
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 4.7mg;
  • niacin (niacinamide) 15mg;
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 7mg;
  • folic acid 85μg;
  • vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 25μg;
  • biotin 79μg;
  • pantothenic acid 34mg;
  • calcium 105mg (dicalcium phosphate, citrate, amino acid chelate);
  • iron (gluconate) 7.5mg;
  • phosphorus 66mg;
  • iodine (potassium iodide) 50μg;
  • magnesium 100mg;
  • zinc (gluconate) 7.5mg;
  • selenium 25μg;
  • copper (gluconate) 0.5mg;
  • manganese 0.75mg;
  • chromium 25μg;

Many other components contain choline, inositol and PABA. And all of these is provided in a base of alfalfa herbage, asparagus powder, barley grass juice, broccoli powder, cabbage powder, hesperidin, lemon bioflavonoids, rutin, rose hips, wheat germ and kelp.

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Belen26.02.2021 14:27

Is it possible to take the Supercomplex for Oncology in old age: in 2016 there was an operation - resection of the stomach due to a tumor - histology of the stomach, then three years of imatinib treatment (chemotherapy). concomitant diseases: atherosclerotic plaques in the aorta and coronary arteries

24NSP26.02.2021 14:28

Supercomplex can be taken with all diagnoses listed by you. In remission it is possible.
For oncology, we recommend a dedicated support program. You can find out about this by sending a request to the email address. the mail that you see in the header of the site
Best regards, 24NSP team.

Lily19.02.2021 15:38

What is better Super Supplemental or Defence Maintenance?

24NSP19.02.2021 15:39

Super Supplemental and Defence Maintenance are good each in their own way, it all depends on the purpose of the intake and the expected result.
Super Supplemental is a vitamin and mineral complex.
Defence Maintenance - herbal complex enriched with a number of vitamins and minerals.
They have a different spectrum of action.
Best regards, 24NSP team.