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The Kick Start Programme is designed to receive quick results.

Nature’s Sunshine helps everyone to have a happy and healthy way of life. We understand that all of us have different requirements and that there are many people who are not ready to incur the obligation to have a dedicated health and a fitness mode.

The Kick Start Programme proposes you the ideal answer and is directed on those who wishes to observe fast result before passing to the following stage.

The Kick Start Programme contains:

Fat Grabbers (3) - a mix of fibres and herbages that are formulated so that it will be possible to contact fats in a stomach and to help them to pass through a body without absorption or breaking digestion. They were proved scientifically the double weight loss at tests against placebo that makes it number one element in the Nature’s Sunshine Kick Start Programme. Use 4 capsules during your meal and a big glass of water three times a day, plus there should be not less than 3 hours between reception of Fat Grabbers and Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, D, or E.

Carbo Grabbers (1) - produced from white kidney bean ingredient which has been shown in researches to influence ferments which split out carbohydrates. Because the carbohydrates cannot be broken to the end, they cannot be so simply absorbed and appeared into fat when they are not used for energy creation. Use 1-2 capsules before taking your meal rich with carbohydrates.

Solstic Slim (1) - it is developed to support any weight control mode in many ways including helping to control cravings, thereby reducing fluctuations of level of sugar in blood in connection with unhealthy snacking. Many other additives that manage weight, Solstic Slim provides only natural components which work with your organism. It is simple to carry and to share, and it is free from alcohol, yeast, gluten, sugar, and all animal products.

Solstic Slim was specially developed to help you reach results with your weight in some ways.

Four basic herbaceous components was selected for their special positive impacts and prepared in such way that all their potentialities are maximized. It provides chlorogenic acid, a popular slimming ingredient, and resveratrol, which has numerous advantages to health and high antioxidant activity. The extract of Green tea provides epigallocatechin gallate that has been found in researches to help programs of weight management and Yerba maté, that is used in additives for slimming to help to advance feelings of satiety.

The Kick Start Program provides 3x Fat Grabbers, 1 x Carbo Grabbers and 1 x Solstic Slim.

(one month supply).

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