Solstic Slim 4 Pack

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Solstic Slim was designed in order to provide you with some methods concerning your target weight.

Solstic Slim is developed to support any weight control mode in many ways including helping to control cravings, thereby reducing fluctuations of level of sugar in blood in connection with unhealthy snacking.

  • With natural components, Solstic Slim provides neither sugar no fats.
  • It may be used to control appetite, and to avoid unhealthy snacks.

Unlike many other additives that manage weight, Solstic Slim provides only natural components which work with your organism. It is simple to carry and to share, and it does not contain any sugar, alcohol, yeast, gluten and all animal products.

  • Four basic herbaceous components were selected for their special positive impacts and prepared in such way that all their potentialities are maximized.
  • It provides chlorogenic acid, a popular slimming ingredient, and resveratrol, which has a number of advantages to health and high antioxidant activity.
  • The extract of Green tea provides epigallocatechin gallate, which has been shown in researches to help programs of weight management, and Yerba maté, which is used in additives for slimming to help to advance feelings of satiety.

Solstic Slim is addition formulated by experts for regulation of weight programs according to healthy diet and physical exercises.

Solstic Slim is the low calorie additive that can be used as a part of a calorie controlling diet.

Solstic Slim has wonderful smell of fruit Huckleberry and is very simple in use. Simply mix the content of one bag about 500 ml of water and shake.


  • For achievement finest results drink one or two portions a day, as a part of your healthy diet and physical exercise programme;
  • 30 bags in a box.

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