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A blue-green driftweed that grows in warm, alkalinous sweet waters throughout the world.

Spirulina is 65-71% complete protein, in comparison with 22% beef protein. The algae is a source of all eight main amino acids, and also chelated minerals, natural sugar, plants, minerals and ferments. Spirulina is simply assimilated by an organism. It provides potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron and phosphorus. It also contains chlorophyll. Spirulina may be used as an additive before your meal. It is one of few vegetative sources of vitamin B12 what makes it an excellent food additive for the vegetarians which diets usually do not include this vitamin. One capsule provides 400 mg of 100% blue-green microalgae.


  • Use 2 capsules during your meal three times a day;
  • 100 capsules in a bottle.

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