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The product supports the body's natural energy production, and supports the endocrine and nervous systems.

Energy metabolism is an essential part of all life. The body must constantly receive nutrients to produce the energy that sustains life. The energy resource is quickly depleted. First of all, the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems suffer from its shortage. Energ-V is an additional source of vitality. Regular intake of this supplement helps the body to produce energy, be in tone and maintain the health of the entire organism. The product is produced by the leading company in the field of bio supplements - NSP.

Energ-V properties

The basis of energy capsules from NSP is bee pollen. This is a rich and valuable product, which is called "ideal food". It was used in ancient times against many diseases, as well as for rejuvenation. Today it is known in Europe, it is included in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Additional valuable properties have kelp and eleutherococcus root.

In general, the dietary supplement has an energy-stimulating effect, thanks to all the ingredients:

1. Bee pollen. It contains a full range of vitamins and important trace elements. Iodine helps the thyroid gland, phosphorus and potassium - the hematopoietic system, heart and blood vessels, B vitamins support the nervous system. Bee pollen is rich in amino acids. They are used to synthesize the main building material of the body - protein, and produce most of the energy. Bee pollen is used in the treatment of a number of diseases.

2- Adaptogens of natural origin. These are herbs that tonify the entire body. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and stimulate brain activity. Reduce fatigue, increase concentration and physical strength. The dietary supplement contains eleutherococcus, licorice, lemongrass as natural energizers.

3. Thyroid helpers. The main support for the endocrine system is provided by kelp. This is a seaweed with a rich iodine content. In iodine deficiency, the thyroid suffers from multiple disorders.

4. Plants for blood. Red plants are useful for hematopoiesis. Paprika activates blood circulation, cleanses it of cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels and prevents thrombosis. Rosehip regulates blood clotting and capillary permeability, reduces bleeding gums. For cerebral circulation, Gotu Kola is especially important. It can be used in the initial stages of sclerotic disorders.

Energy is the driving force of all processes in the body. Постоянная ее выработка – задача номер один для организма.

Composition of dietary supplements

One capsule of Energ-V weighs 550 mg and contains a mixture of NSP (patented formula):

  • Licorice root;
  • Barley;
  • Rosehip;
  • Lemongrass;
  • Bee Pollen;
  • Элеутерококка корень;
  • Gotu Kola;
  • Laminaria;
  • Paprika.

All ingredients are of natural origin, pre-treated and authorized for use in Europe.

В банке находится 100 капсул, рассчитанных на 25 дней приема. Информация для аллергиков: содержит следы глютена!

Indications for use of Energ-V

Taking Energ-V is recommended for people who have problems with the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems.

Nervous disorders:

  • Constant stress, fatigue;
  • Low performance;
  • Депрессии и перепады настроения.

Endocrine sphere: thyroid disease, accompanied by a decline in strength.

Кроветворение и кровообращение:

  • Anemia;
  • Снижение тонуса капилляров и вен;
  • Недостаточное кровоснабжение органов и тканей.

Due to its pronounced adaptogenic (tonic) properties, NSP consultants recommend using the supplement to all those who are subject to daily stress and fatigue.

Instructions for use

Максимальная суточная доза добавки составляет 4 капсулы. БАД принимают перед едой 2 раза в день. At a time drink 2 capsules. Reception is recommended to continue from 14 days to 2 months, depending on the needs of the body. Do not exceed the maximum dose!


Enerj-V NSP does not have strict contraindications. It is worth refraining from use if there is a pronounced allergic reaction to any component of the biopreparation. The supplement contains gluten: persons with gluten intolerance should be used with caution after consultation with a doctor. It is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


The dietary supplement is stored at a temperature below 25 degrees in a dry dark place. Children and animals are not allowed to the product for safety reasons.

The supplement is not a medicinal product, all information is provided for informational purposes. Dosage and regimen should be selected by a nutriciologist or NSP consultant. The administration of the site is not responsible for the independent reception of phytopreparation.

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