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The best way to support the energy building system of your body.

Energ-V (Circulatory, Glandular, Nervous) is the easiest way to support the energy building system of our organism. It works to help control and support circulation, healthy glandular, nervous systems to increase energy.

It has a broad range of nutritious elements that are necessary for healthy viability, ones that give nourishing elements to the glands (kelp and licorice), ones that give nurishing elements to the brain and nervous system (gotu kola). The Energ-V also supplies maintanence from the adaptogenic herbages (schizandra and siberian ginseng) which aids the organism to coe with environmental stress.

It provides bee pollen, gotu kola herb, kelp plant, licorice root, siberian ginseng root, yellow dock root, barley grass herb, rose hips, schizandra fruit and capsicum fruit. Energ-V is widely used together with vitamin C, B mix and iron additives.


  • Have 2 capsules during your meal two times a day;
  • 100 capsules in a bottle.

Do not use if pregnant.

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