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Master Gland Formula

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An essential product to provide nutritional for controlling and supporting a healthy glandular system.


Hormones which are made by these glands influence on the health of all organism, and glands should be strengthened to supply balance and harmony. Every two capsules provide vitamin A (beta carotee) vitamin C 50mg, vitamin E 10mg, pantothenic acid 24mg, zinc (gluconate) 5mg, manganese (amino acid chelate) 1mg, and lecithin 25mg. All of this is contained in a base of nutrient rich herbs, including licorice root, alfalfa herb, asparagus powder, black walnut hulls, kelp plant, parsley herb, parthenium root, thyme herb, dandelion root, dong quai root, lemon bioflavonoids, schizandra fruit, Siberian ginseng root, marshmallow root and uva ursi leaves.


  • Use 2 capsules during your breakfast and 2 capsules during your dinner;
  • 120 capsules in a bottle.

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