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A unique anti-oncological product.

Pack of 180 capsules. Country of manufacture: USA. Product code: 515.

The number of recorded neoplasms is growing annually in all parts of the world. Fighting cancer of various nature - a priority task of modern medicine. Today in Europe and the United States for this battle use all possible methods, including those suggested by nature itself. The Pau Pau tree contains a powerful dose of acetogenins - substances that inhibit tumor growth. Based on this characteristic, the NSP company has developed a unique formula that contains an extract of this plant and acts as an additional oncoprotector.

Paw Paw NSP drug

Paw Paw or Asimina triloba is a tree native to America, which was popular back in the heyday of Indian civilization. Its fruit is similar to a banana, and to the Spanish conquerors it reminded them of a papaya. In Europe, the name "paw paw" stuck behind the plant, as the appearance of the fruit resembles the paw of an animal.

The tree is extremely rich in acetogenins. Their unique property is the suppression of energy production in mitochondria. It has found application in oncology, because tumor cells require a constant supply of ATP energy molecules. NSP complex based on the extract of Pau Pau is an additional source of these substances and is used in the complex therapy of cancer of various origins.

Properties of dietary supplements

In Europe, phytocomplex is used as a remedy, the effect of which is comparable to the effect of chemotherapy. Although means based on the banana tree have not undergone full-scale clinical trials, numerous studies show their effective action, due to the high concentration of acetogenins. For example, they are more effective than Taxol but have fewer side effects.

The main properties of the supplements:

  • reduce the content of DNA and RNA precursors that are needed for tumor cell division;
  • inhibit ATP production in tumor cells;
  • interfere with the release of antitumor drugs;
  • prevent the development of blood vessels in the tumor tissue, thereby depriving it of oxygen and stopping its growth.

Acetogenins have significant advantages:

  • have no toxic effect on normal cells, do not cause weight loss;
  • destroy even cells of neoplasm, insensitive to the action of chemical therapy.

Phytopreparation increases the activity of the immune system and can be used after major operations as a strengthening agent.

Instructions for use

Complex NSP is used three times a day with food, drinking water. For one meal drink 2 capsules. The recommended daily dose is 6 capsules. A full jar is designed for a one-month course of intake (30 days). It is not allowed to exceed the specified dosage. The number of courses is determined by a doctor after consultation, depending on the course of the disease, tumor development and individual characteristics of the body.

Indications for use

The supplement from NSP has only two directions for application:

  • Oncology. To fight cancer cells as an additional source of acetogenins;
  • Immunology. To restore strength after surgical interventions and diseases.

Complex NSP acts as an oncorpotektor, but is not a preventive measure for the development of neoplasms.

Composition of dietary supplements

BAA contains a standardized extract of the Pau-Pau tree in capsulated form - 380 mg of extract in 1 tablet. This is equivalent to 8.5 mg of acetogenin. The weight of one capsule is 500 mg. A full jar contains 180 capsules.

The daily recommended dose is 2280 mg of acetogenin or 6 capsules.

Additional ingredients are gelatin and water.


Used in oncology, so do not use the complex if a person is completely healthy and has a strong immune system. Phytopreparation is not a tumor prevention.

Means containing coenzyme Q10 can reduce the effect of dietary supplements, since this coenzyme is the main source of energy, and acetogenins should reduce its production. A similar effect can be observed when taken together with other means to raise energy in the body.

It is not worth combining the reception of NSP complex and thyroid stimulants.

Phytopreparation is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.


Complex NSP stored in a dry place without access to sunlight. The temperature for storing oncoprotector should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Keep away from children and animals for safety reasons.

The dietary supplement is not a medicinal product. Before using phytocomplex, be sure to consult with a specialist. For damage to health as a result of independent use, the administration of the site is not responsible.

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Una20.02.2021 16:13

My brother underwent an operation and was diagnosed with ZON of the aqueous intestine 4 tbsp. They started giving Pau-Pau and, we don't understand, began to lose weight, heartburn appeared, and sits in the toilet, although he eats very little. After the operation, a week has passed, he takes capsules for a week and he thinks that he is losing weight and sits in the toilet because of the capsules. What is the right thing to do? There are no histology analyzes yet.

24NSP20.02.2021 16:14

With the specified diagnosis, we recommend that you consult with a narrow specialist NSP, individually. For a correct recommendation, it is necessary to take into account a lot of health nuances.
You can contact the person who recommended taking Pau Pau for additional information, because when making recommendations, he read the medical history and knows all the nuances of health.
If you need help to sign up for a consultation, please write to the e-mail that you see at the top of the site and we will be able to offer the most suitable consultation options available on our site.
Best regards, 24NSP team.