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Supports the reproductive system and helps prepare for childbirth.

The properties of red raspberries have long been known to mankind. It is a powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant. Women have traditionally used it to support reproductive health and in late pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.
NSP Company has collected all the unique properties of this plant in one capsule Red raspberry.

What is NSP Red Raspberry supplement

Using raspberries in the daily diet is hard. It is a seasonal product that has valuable not only berries, but also leaves. To consume them as a nutritional supplement, you need to dry or pulverize them. Therefore, the company NSP, known in Europe and the world, has developed a unique phytopreparation based on red raspberry leaves. Red raspberry has a number of useful properties and contains standardized powder from the leaves of the plant.
Complex is a useful supplement to a proper diet. It is especially useful for people who often suffer from acute respiratory infections, colds and flu. Also for women supporting reproductive function, including during pregnancy in the last stages for easy labor or at the stage of family planning to increase fertility (ability to conceive).


Red raspberry has unique properties:
- removes excess fluids from the body. It can cause antipyretic effect, increase sweating, expectoration of phlegm;
- relieves inflammation by activating the body's internal resources. It fights infection, toxins and unfavorable factors on its own;
- tones and calms;
- removes toxins and toxins from the body;
- in case of diarrhea helps to fix the stool and promotes recovery;
- strengthens gums and teeth;
- stimulates immunity;
- acts as an antioxidant, due to the high content of vitamin E and C;
- can restore blood and is used in disorders of the hematopoietic system. accelerates wound healing, recovers from heavy blood loss.
Thanks to these properties, NSP supplement has long been used in Europe as a natural substitute for raspberry leaves.

Instructions for use

NSP complex is recommended to use three times a day with food. One dose is 2 capsules. Should be washed down with plenty of water to accelerate the dissolution of the capsule. The exact dosage and duration of the course is determined by a specialist. Usually, a course of 30 days is prescribed, for which 2 cans are needed.

Indications for use

BAD NSP on the basis of raspberry leaves are used in such conditions:
- pregnancy after 34 weeks for easy delivery. In early pregnancy is contraindicated due to the risk of miscarriage;
- prostate diseases;
- low reproductive function in women and men;
- weakness of teeth and bone tissue;
- hair loss and brittle nails;
- functional diarrhea;
- stomach cramps;
- vascular weakness of various nature;
- inflammatory process;
- frequent colds, low immunity;
- severe vomiting.
Precise instructions regarding the course of phytopreparation in each individual case should be given by a specialist or nutriciologist.

Composition of dietary supplements

A daily dose of 6 capsules of Red raspberry contains 2160 mg of red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus). The shell consists of water and gelatin. A full jar contains 100 units for 16 days of supplementation.
Red raspberry is a plant that is common in Europe. Its natural composition includes mineral salts, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids and phytoncides, vitamin C, E, K, folic acid.


Red raspberry has no pronounced side effects. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women in early pregnancy (up to 34 weeks) due to the tonic properties of the supplement. It may contribute to miscarriage and premature labor. Use with caution for those with allergies. Individual intolerance to the capsules is possible. If you suffer from constipation and difficulty defecating, consult a specialist before using NSP complex, as raspberries have astringent properties.


The dietary supplement should be stored at room temperature above 25 degrees Celsius. Direct sunlight can harm the contents of the jar. Do not allow children and animals to have access to the phytopreparation for their safety.
NSP supplement is not a drug and does not replace a complete human diet. It is necessary to consult a specialist before use. The administration of the site is not responsible for the harm caused to health as a result of independent intake of phytocomplex.

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