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Siberian Ginseng

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This herbage maintains energy and provides body balance.


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Ginseng, Siberian (Glandular). Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen, though, probably, softer, than the Korean ginseng. Its name occurs from Chinese jen shen, that means ‘man root’ so called because some roots have limb-like branches reminding hands and feet.

The root is not collected, till it becomes not less than 2 years old. The older root has better impact. It is held in high esteem in China where it has been used during thousand years, sometimes having higher price than gold used to. This herbage manages energy and supports the balance of the organism. One capsule provides 410mg siberian ginseng.


  • Use 2 capsules during your meal three times a day;
  • 100 capsules in a bottle.

Do not use if pregnant.

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