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Healthy Starter Pack +

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An effective way to cleanse your body in ten days was created in order not to worsen your normal healthy diet. It comes in comfortable cellophane packages, one pack contains five capsules.


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As healthy Starter Pack + Works

Healthy Starter Pack Contains:

  • Psyllium Hulls;
  • Digestive Health;
  • Liver Health;
  • Cranberry & Buchu Combination;
  • HS II.

Nowadays, the body is attacked by the toxins from the environment. And new preservatives and food additives, pollution, pesticides, and drugs do harm to our bodies and sometimes cause toxic accumulation.

The Healthy Starter Pack+ is a programme of 10 days duration that provides natural herbage additives. It aids to cleanse the colon with the help of Psyllium Hulls to fascinate and remove toxins from the colon. The Digestive Health formula have time-honoured herbages in order to sooth the digestion and to help control and support efficiency.

The Liver Health formula influences one of the most complicated body organ. The liver represents a blood filter and the feedback system for hormones in our organism. If the liver is too tired to work, other body's organs start to fall into disease. The formula resuscitates and enriches the liver with nutritious elements.

Another significant removing channel is the Urinary Tract. Cranberry & Buchu aids the miles of microscopic tubules which are a part of such significant system. In order to aid purify the circulation, and we have joined the HSII (Hawthorn Berry, Capsicum Fruit, Garlic Bulb). The product helps our body to support healthy blood vessels through our body and also it controls elasticity in the vein walls that is so much significant to circulatory health.

The effective cleaning process is created to be taken together with a simple healthy diet. The results increase if you exclude caffeine, red meat, and alcohol from the food for the whole programme time. Drink much water while you are at this programme.

Healthy Starter Pack+ provides five individual herbaceous additives (150 capsules). Use 1 packet 15 minutes before you start having your meal three times a day. Try to drink not less than 8oz of water.

Essential Information.

The healthy Starter Pack+ is not proper for use:

  • While Pregnancy, nursing or planning to conceive;
  • During illness or recovery;
  • By children younger 12.

This pack has Black Walnut Hulls.

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