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Very demanding because it helps to control and support healthy circulation, immune and glandular systems.

Phyto-Soy® [Glandular, Circulatory]. Evidence continues to grow supporting the advantages of high level of genistein, an isoflavonoid in a soy which aids to defense your body.

Phyto-Soy provides 48 times more isoflavonoids than the same amounts of tofu and 25 times more than tempeh, and 10 times more than fried soybeans. NSP Phyto-Soy is certificated as genetically not modified (non-GMO). Three capsules deliver 36 mg isoflavones, 28 mg which are genistein glycosides.


  • Use 1 capsule during your meal three times a day;
  • 90 capsules in a bottle.

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