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Sunshine Concentrate

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Cleaner for all purposes with high concentration for economy.


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Sunshine Concentrate. This universal, concentrated cleaner is hard on dirt, grease and grime, but it will not do any harm to the environment or the family because it does not contain phosphates, borates or acids. Its biodecomposed clearings and foaming agents break easily, and help to precede foaming in lakes and the streams.

APPLICATION: Kitchen-clean appliances, sinks, refrigerators, counters, wood surfaces, walls, floors, dishes (even fine china), pots and pans, silverware, copper and brass. Works in dishwashers. Pre-soak nappies. Cleans ovens, grills, griddles, thermoses and plastic containers. Works as a fruit/vegetable wash. Wonderful insect repellant. Excellent for shampooing the dog. Indoors-clean windows, mirrors, shower, chrome, aquarium, rugs, tile, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, (do not use on waxed floors). Laundry-pre-spot stains, spots, grimy collars and cuffs. Hand wash silks, fine woolens, sweaters and other delicate fabrics in cool or cold water. Outdoors-clean tools, air filters, battery terminals, grease on concrete driveways, interior/exterior of cars/boats. Safe for lawns, gardens and farming. Prevents mineral buildup in irons and humidifiers. Repels dust. Works as a shampoo and hand soap. Cleans shoes, handbags, spectacles, leather goods and more. Safe on house plants. Bath-safe for bubble bath. Leaves no bathtub ring! Most soaps have a pH of 8 or higher, Sunshine Concentrate has a pH of 6.5, which is easier on your skin. Safe for people, animals, plants and our environment, biodegradable, non-polluting, chemical-free, non-flammable. Save money, one bottle equals 200 gallons of window cleaner or 64 gallons of your average household cleaner.

Details: 32 fl oz.

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