NSP in Rezekne

NSP in Rezekne

To feel good and full of energy in the fast pace of modern life you have to take care of your health all the time. NSP nutritional supplements in Rezekne are exactly what you need for this purpose. Supplements can be purchased and delivered to any region of Europe.

NSP Philosophy

NSP is an American company founded in 1972. The brand’s high quality products can prevent development of serious health issues and alleviate chronic diseases.

The products are made in the USA based on natural ingredients to ensure their high quality and safe use. Each package of nutritional supplements meets requirements and standards of:

  • ISO;
  • Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • Food and Drug Administration;
  • Department of Agriculture of the United States.

Manufacturing processes are continuously improving as innovations and state-of-the-art technologies are introduced.

In 2012 there was a significant product line extension which facilitated promotion of NSP in Rezekne.

Payment and Delivery

NSP products delivery methods:

  • Door-to-door (personal) delivery;
  • option available after payment of the price in full.
  • Customer pickup from the office.

The time limit for delivery to the address specified with the order is 3-10 working days (depending on the region).

You can use one of the following payment methods:

  • through PayPal*;
  • online payment by card*;
  • transfer to a bank account*.

*a manager will send all the data to the customer’s email address after the order has been placed.

How can you buy NSP in Rezekne?

You can purchase NSP products in Rezekne using one of the following ways:

  • Customers can contact our consultants using the details specified in the “Contact Us” section. Just send us a message to the email address provided there.
  • Using the shopping cart functionality on the website.

For information on the special offer in progress please refer to the “Discount” section.