NSP in Stuttgart

NSP in Stuttgart

Taking care of health is crucial today in this modern, chaotic world. Frequent stress, poor ecology, and overworking imbalances your body, causing various illnesses. We keep spending money on medications that don’t always work, but come with numerous side effects.

There is a way out of this vicious circle! Introducing superior-quality, BioActive supplements from Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), American Brand in Stuttgart. Our products are made from eco-friendly raw materials and meet all international standards. BioActive supplements can prevent you from developing new pathologies and cure the ones you already have.

NSP was founded in 1972 by an American couple, Gene and Kristine Hughes. They set up the production of a BioActive Capsicum supplement in their own kitchen, which they sold in local health foods stores, and it quickly became in demand. Hughes kept getting more orders, and very soon, company branches appeared in other countries.

In 1997, NSP entered the Forbes list for the first time as one of the most promising new companies. The first logo had been unveiled a few years earlier.

Today, Nature’s Sunshine Products is the world’s largest in the production of BioActive substances, cosmetics, household chemicals, and vitamins with representative offices in 50 countries. Because of NSP’s clean reputation, products are highly demanded in Europe and beyond.

Payment & Delivery

Pay for your purchase with a bank card or PayPal account. When we get your payment, our managers will process your order and send additional information to your email. You should get your order in 3-10 business days.

In Germany, delivery is possible in all major: BerlinHamburgMunich, Cologne, FrankfurtStuttgartDusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig, Hanover, Nuremberg, Duisburg, as well as by region. The cost is 13 euros.

It doesn’t matter where you live. The courier will rush the order to you anywhere in Europe. You can also pick it up yourself from our offices in Poland and Great Britain.

How to place the order

You can place your order in Stuttgart through our website, or send us an email. Our address is specified in “Contacts”. You also may be able to get a discount on your purchase. Read more in a “Discount” section.